Leading Hotel Receptionist and Fidelio Opera Training Course in London for 4 weeks (London)

The Best Hotel Receptionist and Fidelio Opera (latest version) Training Course in heart of London. Have you always wanted to work as a Hotel Receptionist in a fantastic London Hotel but dont have the required experience including knowledge of Fidelio Opera? If being a Hotel Receptionist your dream job then you need to know that you now have an opportunity to open doors to the world of hotels and become qualified skilled and ready to work in a Hotel of your choice here in London. With only three easy payments you too can join Reception Academy and complete a 4 week Hotel Receptionist Training Course putting you on the right track for working in a Hotel of your choice. Imagine being able to work as a Hoel Receptionist in the exciting city of London or anywhere in the world. This course has been specially designed based on the requirement of major London Hotels Each student must complete the full 80 hours of training to be able to run The Reception of a Hotel smoothly and be able to use Fidelio Opera confidently. Not only will your knowledge and skill help you get a job once employed you will enjoy your job because you will know exactly what you are required to do while at work. As most people are struggling to pass the first hurdle of getting an interview we have created a platform connecting fully trained students with hotels looking to hire staff. To help you find employment and achieve your goals after completing the course we upload your very own profile on our website. This profile will consist of a professional photograph your personal details as well as a brand new professional hotel specific Cv and covering letter. Once again we help you create a new Cv and give you interview skills and advice. The Hotels we work with can access your profile on our website after the graduation to ask you to come in for an interview. We have a number of hotels which hire graduates from us upon completion. Our successful records show that many of our graduates currently working in Hotels in London were offered jobs within weeks after completing this training course. The course is designed so that shortly after graduating you will be able to earn a living by working in a hotel as part of the team and not as an apprentice. This is your opportunity to invest into a brand new career and the opportunity to start working for amazing Hotels in UK. With thousands of Hotels in London alone can you afford to miss out on your dream job and a secure future? Remember it is not at all important if you have not worked in a hotel before. Once you finish the course you will have the confidence skills and the knowledge to work as a receptionist in a number of different hotels. So if you have just arrived in London and are looking to find work do not wait any longer. Pick up the phone and arrange an appointment to find out more. Call Jade on 020 7953 7796 to make an appointment and visit the Academy. There are many reasons you should attend and complete The Hotel Receptionist Course with Reception Academy All the job applications ask for experience skills or knowledge of Fidelio Opera You want to be successful in life You find yourself unhappy in the wrong job day after day You have done or are doing a Hotel Management Degree but need to get hands on practice You are still struggling to pass the first hurdle to get invited for an interview You only dream of working for a brand Hotel You have never worked as a Hotel Receptionist You are looking to refresh and update your existing Receptionist skills You are already working in other departments in Hotels but would like a new career You are new to UK and are not familiar with Hotel procedures and terminology You have worked in Hotels before in your country but have no experience in UK You have only worked for very small hotels that do not use Fidelio Opera Pms You want to simply learn Fidelio Opera You are about to do a degree in Hotel Management and want to find out if this field is suitable for them in the long run You lack t